Hi! I am glad you have arrived to this website, this is a web page created with the intention of being an enciclopedia about everything concerning free-reed instruments.

 But before you enter to the realm of the squeezeboxes and other free-reed instruments please allow me to introduce myself to you.

I am Jose, an enthusiast of the music world, my favorite instruments are the pianos, zithers, and bandonions. Talking about instruments: I own a Zeuner Nachf 104 tone bandonion, a Meinel & Herold concert zither, and a Wurlitzer upright piano.

I have been in the music world from the beginnings of 2019, before that year I was a complete novice, I knew about some songs and genres but nothing of composers or players, but now that has changed, and besides my day work and everyday activities I spend a great part of my time finding and enjoying new music.

I have been looking for works ranging from the symphonies of Wagner, Dvorak, Prokofiev or Khachaturian  to those remixes made by M83 or Daft Punk. For genres that range from Ska-Jazz to Flamenco. Listening a great variety of artists coming from Anibal Troilo or Chet Baker to Sergei Teleshev and Paco de Lucia, in conclusion: I have listened too much music, I love music!

So, dear visitor, I hope this website will be useful for you, enjoy it!

Jose (2019)


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